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Tên sản phẩm:MXSJ SERIES3-5 Layer Co-extrusion(rotary traction downward blowing) High Barrier Film Blowing Machine Line

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Mã hàng:MXSJ
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* The function of downward blowing and water cooling ensure the excellent transparency of the film.
* The die head structure of multi-layer co-extrusion is reasonble with high precision machining and good product performance.
* The pre-cooling of cooling water ring and the sharp cooling of sizing cover’s overflow water enable the film bubble to be stable, thus distribute the thickness evenly.
* Rotary driving ensures the levelling and regularity of the finished product’s rewinding.
* The line is used for high barrier film production.
* Die head unit can adopt auto die head control.
* Water ring can adopt vacuum sizing control.
* Film is applied in medical, poultry, chemical and high performance packaging material.
 Main Technical Parameters:
Model MXSJ-55-5-1200
Suitable material PP,PE,MLLDPE,PA
Five layer co-extrusion structure A/B/C/D/E
Width of film 1000mm
Thickness of film 0.05~0.20mm
Max extrusion output 200kg/h
Screw diameter 55mm
Screw L/D Ratio 30:1
Screw rotation 20~80r/min
Power of main motor 22kwx4  30kwx1
Rotary traction form ±360°旋转
Total power 180KW
Machine of weight 35T 
Overall Dimension L×W×H 7.5×5×5.6m
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